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Job words (Poem)

  – Sabin Sitaula

Hello Uncle Barber!

Please cut my hair ,

There is a carpenter

To make my chair .

With an axe

A woodcutter cuts wood,

A chef is always ready

To cook food .

An author is working

To write a book ,

My eyesight is poor

Uncle Optician! please have a look.

A vet is coming

To treat my cat,

A tailor’s stitching my dress

No worries about that .

I want to cover my tiny toes ,

There’s a dear cobbler

To repair my shoes .

A farmer is working

To produce crops,

Shopkeepers are busy

In running their shops.

By car or by bus

A driver safely takes us.

Teachers help in study when we feel hard

Police are here for our safeguard .

Call an electrician

If you see disconnected wire

A firefighter helps us putting out fire.

One occupation cannot fill all gaps

A plumber is needed to repair our taps.

A goldsmith makes

Gold ring and necklace

All jobs are vital

In their own place .


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सम्बन्धित खवर

ताजा अपडेट
धेरै पढिएको

प्रथम वसन्त स्‍मृति कपको उपाधी करापुटार भेटरान्सलाई।

बुद्ध आविमा पाहार ट्रसको स्थलगत अध्ययन, ८ कोठे अत्याधुनिक विद्यालय भवन बन्दै !

भोर्लेटारमा एक दिने स्वास्थ्य सिविर सम्पन्न।

भोर्लेटारमा प्रथम वसन्त स्‍मृति भेटरान्स कप शुरु।

बुद्ध आविमा जुनियर रेडक्रस सर्कल गठन तथा रेडक्रस अभिमुखिकरण सम्पन्न

सामाजिक बुुद्धिमत्ता : सम्बन्धको ‘मेटामफोर्सिस’