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Job words (Poem)

  – Sabin Sitaula

Hello Uncle Barber!

Please cut my hair ,

There is a carpenter

To make my chair .

With an axe

A woodcutter cuts wood,

A chef is always ready

To cook food .

An author is working

To write a book ,

My eyesight is poor

Uncle Optician! please have a look.

A vet is coming

To treat my cat,

A tailor’s stitching my dress

No worries about that .

I want to cover my tiny toes ,

There’s a dear cobbler

To repair my shoes .

A farmer is working

To produce crops,

Shopkeepers are busy

In running their shops.

By car or by bus

A driver safely takes us.

Teachers help in study when we feel hard

Police are here for our safeguard .

Call an electrician

If you see disconnected wire

A firefighter helps us putting out fire.

One occupation cannot fill all gaps

A plumber is needed to repair our taps.

A goldsmith makes

Gold ring and necklace

All jobs are vital

In their own place .


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सम्बन्धित खवर

  मंग्सिर ९, २०८० शनिबार 78 Views

लघुकथाको ५५ औँ शृङ्खला

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बालकविताः हजुरबाको चस्मा

  मंग्सिर ६, २०८० बुधबार 119 Views

बा आमाको माया (बालकविता)

ताजा अपडेट
धेरै पढिएको

लमजुङका अमित रसाईली भ्वाईस अफ नेपालको ब्याटलमा।

पुर्व खेलकुद मन्त्री जगत विश्वकर्मा मर्दी पदयात्रामा, पर्यटकको बढ्दो चाप।

स्व: जगदिश न्यौपाने रनिङ शिल्डमा २१ टिमको सहभागिता।

मध्यनेपाल नगरपालिकामा यात्रु सहायता कक्ष संचालन।

बाल गजल : दसैँ

नवराज विक हत्यामा संलग्न २३ जनालाई जन्मकैद, प्रेमिकालाई जेल सजाय