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Subash poudel 

Pokhara . Sachin Timilsina’s achievement of receiving the Erasmus Mundus scholarship is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and talent. The scholarship is awarded by esteemed universities in Europe, which receive numerous applications from across the world. Thus, only a few exceptional individuals receive this scholarship each year.

Timilsina has been selected for the Global Forest Resources Management (GLOFOR) program, which focuses on imparting knowledge and skills related to sustainable forest management. Through this program, he will get an opportunity to study at three prestigious European universities – the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, Bangor University in the UK, and the University of Goettingen in Germany. Along with theoretical knowledge, he will also gain practical exposure through field visits to different forests and interacting with experts in the field.

This scholarship is not only a significant achievement for Timilsina but also a proud moment for Nepal. It opens up doors for more Nepali students to pursue their education and career goals in international universities. Moreover, it also highlights Nepal’s potential in the field of forestry and natural resource management.

We congratulate Sachin Timilsina on receiving the Erasmus Mundus scholarship and wish him all the best for his future endeavors. May his achievements inspire many other young Nepalis to strive for excellence and make a positive impact in society.


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धेरै पढिएको

प्रथम वसन्त स्‍मृति कपको उपाधी करापुटार भेटरान्सलाई।

बुद्ध आविमा पाहार ट्रसको स्थलगत अध्ययन, ८ कोठे अत्याधुनिक विद्यालय भवन बन्दै !

भोर्लेटारमा एक दिने स्वास्थ्य सिविर सम्पन्न।

भोर्लेटारमा प्रथम वसन्त स्‍मृति भेटरान्स कप शुरु।

बुद्ध आविमा जुनियर रेडक्रस सर्कल गठन तथा रेडक्रस अभिमुखिकरण सम्पन्न

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