Blog : The Educators: The Backbone of the Education System – Sarangi News

By Subash Subedi

In this contemporary era, teachers are facing numerous challenges that are making their profession less appealing. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated these challenges, leaving many teachers jobless, underpaid, and undervalued. The teaching profession is the foundation of all other professions, and if the current trends continue, the future of education is at risk.

Unemployment is one of the significant challenges faced by teachers. Despite having the necessary qualifications, many teachers are unable to find jobs. The lack of job assurance has made the teaching profession less attractive to many potential teachers. Moreover, the pay scale for teachers is not commensurate with their capabilities and the amount of hard work they put in every day.

Another issue is the lack of respect and recognition for teachers. Teachers are often not dealt with well in schools, and their opinions are not valued. This lack of respect and credit can lead to a lack of encouragement among teachers, which can ultimately affect the quality of education provided to students.

The current situation has led many teachers to keep in mind moving to foreign countries in search of acceptable opportunities. This brain drain of capable and proficient educators can have a severe impact on the education scenario. If the trend continues, there will be a shortage of competent teachers, which will ultimately affect the quality of education furnished to students.

All in all, the teaching profession is facing significant challenges that need to be addressed to ensure the future of education. Teachers need to be given the respect and recognition they deserve.


सम्बन्धित खवर

ताजा अपडेट
धेरै पढिएको

प्रथम वसन्त स्‍मृति कपको उपाधी करापुटार भेटरान्सलाई।

बुद्ध आविमा पाहार ट्रसको स्थलगत अध्ययन, ८ कोठे अत्याधुनिक विद्यालय भवन बन्दै !

भोर्लेटारमा एक दिने स्वास्थ्य सिविर सम्पन्न।

भोर्लेटारमा प्रथम वसन्त स्‍मृति भेटरान्स कप शुरु।

बुद्ध आविमा जुनियर रेडक्रस सर्कल गठन तथा रेडक्रस अभिमुखिकरण सम्पन्न

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